Meet Russ

Car enthusiast and owner of 2 Teslas.  Data-driven decision maker.  Master’s degrees in business administration and engineering.  Published newspaper writer. 

During my time as a 14 year resident of San Diego, I have witnessed firsthand significant changes to our climate.  Hotter and more humid summers, less rain during the winters, and fire season almost all year long (the Poinsettia fire in 2014 required us to evacuate our home).  Scripps Pier in La Jolla has been recording Pacific Ocean temperatures for over 100 years.  In August 2018, they measured the highest water temperature ever recorded – 78.6 degrees Fahrenheit (25.9 degrees Celsius).  This is a locale known for surfing, but while wearing black, full body wetsuits to fend off the cold water.  But not this summer.

As a father of 2 elementary school-aged children, I am concerned with what the Earth is facing today and what it will become 30 years from now.  According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the transportation sector generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions.  More specifically, carbon emissions from internal combustion engines have been identified as the likely culprit.  While there is no magic wand that I can use to fix the planet’s ozone layer, I can make a difference by turning to electricity that is generated by the sun and then using it to power my family’s cars.

My hope is that this blog gets others to think about our environment and the positive impact that electric vehicles may offer now and in the future.  If we can all make a small difference, it will be worth it for the sake of mankind.